Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Most of each n every day goes by trying to find the missin peices of the puzzle;
seeing life in different lights as i pass through different phases,
Every step cautious every step clean;so as not to break my delusions;
n then comes a turn steep n cruel,prejudices dont usually survive it,
It's time for a new set of ideas to emerge"....yet again -shabda

Thursday, March 10, 2011

understanding me....more.

Cherish ur lifegivin emotion…(a page from my diary….for all of u to ponder)

We constantly keep deciphering the same truth so differently each time lookin through the glasses of our prejudices and beliefs.Just .like every time I look through my window,the outside world stares back at me in different shades,sometimes gloomy,sometimes joyous,.it may be so that the world is reflecting my own inner characterstics…my own basic lifegiving emotion at that moment of time.I think,just .like those life saving drugs that we prescribe in medicine,one certain intense emotion be it love, be it jealosy,be it anger…be it pride…it should every day nourish
our brains,churn it to keep it moving…forward or backward whatever way.