Thursday, March 26, 2015

Be the light !!

While going through my regular reading routine I stumbled upon this quote "Never be afraid of being the most loving person around"; powerful indeed. And immediately I was thinking am I afraid of being that person, the most loving one and what I discovered,I actually was.Are u loving at the maximum of your capacity.Is your love transcending your anger, jealousy and hatred.Hope you too are not caught in the game of I'l love only as much as I will get in return.
      And then the most astonishing discovery I made, this practice of loving to all of my capacity liberates me; so I m doing good to myself first and then then anyone else.Every other emotion hatred, anger, revenge drains a lot of me. Love not as much!
    But why then not all of us practice this.We have been brought up in a world where every act of love and kindness is looked upon with suspicion. We immediately start searching a motive behind someone's love. What a pity we have been made into these robots who calculate risk benefit; profit loss before every act.
    But a word of caution! To be loving beyond expectations , beyond boundaries , beyond reason need a brave soul it is not for the faint hearted. But the moment you step into this world all things will seem simple, just replace every other negative thought about anyone with a sprinkle of love. U will feel lighter and your eyes will be shinier !! U WILL BE THE LIGHT !! I m on it from now on are u ??