Monday, April 7, 2014


To each it snows,only it means so much less or so much more...

Of doubt it snows;of "loneliness" even  in a crowd,
all over upon u it grows..
The chill in the wind cuts deep through;
the silence all defening,
You desire a loud scream but never will you try though,
And then this snow will grow upon u like AGE ,
shrouding u , numbing u  all till  forever  with no escape..

Of passion it snows,of candlelit dinners;
of romantic talks,so much upon u it grows,
it  brings emotions that u burry deep through,
the music all reverberating; u desire a passionate long kiss
but never will u try though...
this snow will grow upon u like a rose bed,caressing u ,living deep inside 
to send u into giggles now n then.

TO EACH his snow "pain" or "passion";
THIS SNOW reflects all thats ur perspective 
all thats ur reason.