Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yes I cry!! A hell lot..actually.

What it is about crying that makes people uncomfortable, judgemental, labelling it a woman thing!!
I own up man, I cry n actually a hell lot.i cry when I fail, when I m being tested.And then I cry when I almost phenomenally succeed !!
I cry when I see the dark clouds and the rain.Nature fills me up so much that I pour out.I cry when my pet rabbit, coco, rubs his nose on my feet wanting to play with me.His love overwhelms me.
I cry when being married for 2 yrs now; my husband still calls me his girlfriend n gifts me flowers every now and then.
And then tears roll down when little girls look at me with those eyes aspiring to be me when they grow up.
My nephews n nieces they make my eyes go gaga , when they look at me with their sparkle eyes.
I cry when people mock me; judge me coz my heart aches for them not being graced enough to not hurt other souls.
I cry when I am angry ; anger drains me; I see it as something weak in me.
So, practically everything about humans and about life AMAZES me.
And I know that after 10min of my eyes pouring I feel a calm inside me.I m indrawn and I feel light as a feather.
So ladies dont let the world take it away from u...and for that matter gentleman try it out; the potential of ur aching or delighted soul overpouring will sweep u off ur feet.
We were created to feel the warmth and beauty of nature; human connect; of why be hippocrits and tag such a natural human emotion as weakness.
In fact to cry it out needs emmence strength and I believe only who recieve grace can feel so deeply.

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Dr Bhaskar Satsangi said...

First cry of little cute baby
Makes the mother's eyes filled with tears of happiness.
Cry can be natural but tears are always filled with emotions. So oh my dear God , whenever any one cries please fill thou eyes with those lovely emotional tears.