Saturday, November 15, 2014

Things that never end.

What is it with things left unsaid, questions left unanswered,the end of a movie which says nothing to close  it on any particular side of the story??
How come there is this subtle sweet pain in the heart for an unsaid feeling , an incomplete relationship; as if the gift was half wrapped, the painting was left without the finishing touches, the threads of the knitting left unclosed.Everything left incomplete at a moment in time says so much of the moment, stuff emaculately my gardening tools left out in balcony with mud on them;  some bicycle lying flat in the corner of a garden....some lines written on a tea spilled page of a diary....all these things paint a story and the best part it has no end to leaves one to imagine in whichever direction the heart takes!! It even leaves a possibility of something beautiful n brilliant that would uncover as the destiny wishes it, but offcourse right on time when it was meticulously proposed to.

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