Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The oncology ward....jan 2015.

IThe ward here looks silent! A far cry from the regular ones where patients are annoyed to every little affair not going according to their wish....the people suffering from cold; cough; fever and others from their self created illnesses obesity hypertension n all.
The patients here at the oncology ward; the word oncology makes it sound more scientific and more or less a little bit less invincible than cancer; they do not complain....they seem to have resigned to the creator's wish.
No one here talks rudely, no one fights, the medical staff works with slow, serene demeanor;  the physicians,surgeons putting in the years of their life in patientcare , research look no ordinary humans;  outcomes here at this place are counted in decades....probably long after all of them will be gone.
There is no anxiety , no rush...
An hour into the place and I m overwhelmed! ! The faces of all of them had some calm, some how the place as if existed in another plane.
I was distressed to return back to my regular chaotic world where I could count outcomes in hours fever gone; cough relieved; patient cured.....
And you know the most striking part of this whole situation....the smaller our pains , the more we panic and fight and complain; we focus more on smaller aspects of life.
Jane Hawkins aptly wrote in her biography "when the fight is with destiny ; the only things that matter are major issues- life ,survival, death." So much so that our world n its matters look Lilliputian against their world n issues.I will always remember the oncology ward coz it will always give back my perspective.

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